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Preparing to bring your baby into the world is a new and exciting time, every time! In your last trimester there are some great ways for you to strengthen and nourish yourself physically and mentally for the wonderful roller coaster ride that awaits you!

Be Flexible

It would be wonderful to plan exactly how your birth was going to be but let’s accept and acknowledge right now that you can’t make yourself have the birth you want. Preparing your body will increase your chances of having a better birth outcome though. Have an open mind, hope for the best for you and your baby and remember that it is out of your hands. A healthy mother and baby is the important outcome.

Be Fit

Walking is a great way to prepare your body for birth! Walk from 30 minutes daily and build it up to an hour or hour and a half. Sitting on a birth ball instead of chair throughout the day is great too. You can roll your hips and encourage good positioning.

Eat Well

  • Eating 3 to 5 fresh medjool dates is beneficial, studies have found that women who ate dates regularly before birth have better birth outcomes. Great for sweet cravings too!
  • Enjoy nourishing herbal tea, a blend of raspberry leaf, peppermint and ginger is lovely. Drink 2-3 cups daily from 36 weeks.
  • Lots of soups and organic meats, vegetables, fruits, cultured pastured butter and sourdough bread etc.
  • Most importantly eating lots of greens is very good for you too!

Surround Yourself With Great People

There are some fantastic obstetricians, midwifes, doulas, GPs, birth support people, and Acupuncturists out there! Enjoy being supported by helpful and encouraging family and friends and keep your distance from draining people. Avoid and shut down the woman who just can’t wait to tell you her horror birth story in every detail. Even though she knows you are about to give birth any moment!


Time to pamper yourself and ensure your body is in balance. Personally I found having regular acupuncture in the third trimester, chiropractic and massage treatments up to my daughter’s birth supported me. She was my second and it was a rather quick and intervention-free experience. Even if they didn’t, these combined therapies supported me to feel calm and collected while I was very worried about being induced.

Stay Positive, Embrace Affirmations

Here are some birth affirmations for you from Byron Bay Doula, to stay positive through this exciting and challenging time.


Your birth support (ie. partner/friend) will be amazing especially if they can do acupressure for you! It helps so much! Debra Betts, a renowned Kiwi Acupuncturist has some fantastic information regarding this for you here.
Wishing you a wonderful and positive baby arrival experience and… enjoy motherhood, it is precious, they grow quickly!

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