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Masculine Feminine Workshop

Masculine & Feminine Workshop

Join Dr Ilana Sowter (Chinese Medicine) & yogi Shannon Rokis and for our most popular and inspiring  Masculine Feminine workshop that will change your life!
Yes it is for both women and men.
Online Sunday 18th October, 2020 10am-12pm AEST (2 hours) $50 AUD

The holistic whole of yourself has two sides, a masculine and feminine. This energy is powerful and understanding to be mindful when using it will add great value to yourself, work, relationships & life.

In This Workshop You Will Learn

  • Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy
  • How this energy affects your behaviour & hormones
  • How to communicate to the opposite sex
  • How it relates to left & right brain
  • How to best use this energy for work, family & yourself
  • Yoga to access Masculine & Feminine

Book in quick as this is a popular one, if you’re needing to learn more about yourself and to make some small changes that will greatly benefit you. Then this is the workshop for you!
Dr Ilana & Yogi Shannon