Femme Vital Women's Acupuncture & Coaching




Do you consult online?

Yes, we offer online consultations. Your initial online appointment will run for 60 minutes. Return online appointments can be booked in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

How does online acupuncture work?

Online consultations involve a Chinese medicine assessment which will be used to determine the right remedy for you. You will be guided through affirmations and meditation, and receive a prescriptive acupressure solution. Chinese herbs may also be prescribed. Please note additional charges apply for herbs.

Is there parking at the clinic?

Yes, there is free on street parking available at the clinic in Fairfield.

Are your treatments covered by private health insurance?

Acupuncture is covered by most private health providers. You can find more information about our prices and rebates here.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash and credit payments. We do not accept payment on account.

Do you supply herbs and supplements?

Yes, we prescribe nutritional supplements from our full traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine dispensary. For in-clinic appointments, herbs and supplements are dispensed on the premises. 

How often do I need an appointment?

Acupuncture treatment requires regular appointments, however the frequency is dependent on the individual's need. How often you require treatment, along with your tailored treatment plan, will be determined during your first session and may be altered over time.


Chinese Herbal Medicine appointments are less frequent. Chinese Herbal Medicine appointments for fertility and women’s health are typically every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the individual and their condition. 


Quick scripts require a one time appointment. 

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, completely. No one will be have access to your personal information without your consent.


How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture allows the Qi (vital force) in your body to move freely. In Chinese Medicine, we say that stuck Qi causes pain and unwanted physical signs and symptoms. By allowing your Qi to move at its optimum level, you feel better physically and emotionally. Scientifically, acupuncture has been shown to alleviate pain by releasing endorphins which are pain-blocking biochemicals. It can influence the cellular matrix of connective tissue, and stimulate regions of the brain which correlate to specific acupoints. This enables your body to restore balance.

Are you a registered practitioner?

Ilana is a fully qualified practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She is registered with the Australian CMRB and is a member of the Australian CMRB.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes. All accredited practitioners have completed extensive training in relevant medical practice and Chinese Medicine theory.

Are the needles sterile?

Yes. The needles are taken from a sterile blister pack and are disposable, sterile and single-use only.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very fine and are rarely felt when inserted. Some people may experience a slight numbness, dull ache or a tingling sensation. These are signs that the needles are connecting with your Qi.

Do I need to get completely undressed?

No, you will only need to expose the parts of your body where the needles are inserted. It is recommended to wear comfortable and loose-fitted clothing.

Do I need to be sick to have acupuncture?

No. Acupuncture is a form of preventative medicine, meaning it can also be used for wellbeing and relaxation. Many people use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to feel young, balanced and healthy.

Do I need to do anything before treatment?

Be on time so you can relax; it is preferable to make sure you have had some food and water before your acupuncture session.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Acupuncture affects people in different ways. Some feel a little light-headed or tired after their first treatment, while others feel invigorated. I recommend patients try to relax to gain full benefit from their treatment in the following 24-48 hours. Drinking lots of water and herbal tea will help this.

Will acupuncture help me reduce my medication?

It depends on what you are taking and the reason you are taking it. Adjustments to your medication will only be made in conjunction with your GP.


What are the benefits of taking Chinese herbs?

Taking Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture may speed up the treatment results. We use the highest quality herbs from Koda in Taiwan. They are easy to use, and with the right formula you can return the body to balance sooner. Read more about Chinese Herbs.

What do the herbs taste like?

It depends on the specific herb. Some are nice while others are not as tasty. Most patients say that they become accustomed to the taste after a few times. 


What does Fertility Acupuncture do?

It aims to diagnose, rebalance and improve your health to support a healthy pregnancy.

Pre-conception care can contribute to the health of your baby, and should start 3-6 months before you plan to start trying. Learn more about fertility consultations here.

How often do I require treatment for fertility?

Usually once a week or fortnight, depending on the need. Patients often attend fortnightly and receive a two-week herb prescription.

For women, treatment is timed around the period and ovulation.

What should I bring to my first treatment?

Please bring any medical reports that will aid an accurate diagnosis, such as ultrasounds, blood tests and x-rays.

Do you only treat fertility, or can you support other conditions?

We support many conditions beyond fertility. These include musculoskeletal pain, immunity deficiencies, digestion, and mens health. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.


I have already started my IVF Cycle, is it too late to start acupuncture?

No. While the best time to start acupuncture support is 3-6 months before commencing IVF, you can start at any time.

Does my husband need acupuncture too?

Ideally both man and woman would have treatment as it is important for both parents to be in good health.

How many treatments will I need?

There are many variables to consider, such as your medical history and current health condition. If you have a history of infertility, it is recommended to attend weekly sessions for 3-6 months prior to your IVF cycle.

Do I need to eat well?

Yes. You can think of your baby as a seed; you need to plant it in nutritious soil which requires the right conditions to grow. If the parents are healthy then it’s likely it will also be healthy.

I need to lose some weight, what is your opinion on this for fertility?

I prefer my patients who need to lose weight to focus on being healthy. For example, by drinking water and herbal tea to enjoying a nutritious and varied wholesome diet. Exercise regularly and being good to yourself helps too. Then continue to stay healthy throughout pregnancy and not gain too much weight. Pre-conception care begins three months before you want to start trying for a baby.

Can you help reduce high FSH levels?

Acupuncture can balance symptoms such as hot flushing, night sweats and dryness that are associated with high FSH levels. Chinese Herbs can also be immensely supportive.


Can I have Acupuncture if I’m pregnant?

Yes. It is completely safe to have Acupuncture when you are pregnant. Ilana has years of experience in private practice with fertility and pregnancy patients. Please make sure that Ilana is aware that you are pregnant or are trying to conceive. For birth preparation and labour induction Acupuncture, the best time to start is usually at 36 weeks. Please ask Ilana if you are unsure when to start. For many women, pregnancy is a wonderful and cherished time. However, for some it can be draining, physically challenging and very uncomfortable. Pregnancy-related symptoms can dramatically affect the quality of life of a pregnant woman.

I am pregnant! How often should I have acupuncture?

Congratulations, that is wonderful news! The frequency of Acupuncture depends on your history and presentation. For women who have a history of miscarriage, weekly Acupuncture is recommended with Chinese Herbal support. Women who have had previously healthy pregnancies may only need Acupuncture fortnightly for wellbeing, sickness prevention and relaxation. Did you know Acupuncture may help with general health complaints in pregnancy? Such as back & pelvis pain, fatigue, swelling to stress. Even in the last trimester, Acupuncture can support the body to prepare for a natural labour. It can help turn breech babies and can even get labour going if you are overdue.

Are you experienced in treating pregnant women?

Yes, Ilana has been treating pregnant women with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for over 9 years. She is passionate about inspiring and supporting couples who are trying to conceive or who have conceived, and to ensure you have the best possible health during pregnancy.

How does Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture helps to reduce stress, regulate hormones, block pain receptors, improve blood flow and maintain homeostasis.

When do I start Acupuncture birth preparation and labour induction?

In preparation for birth, Acupuncture is recommended from 36 weeks gestation, weekly for 3-4 weeks. Treatment focuses on softening the cervix, relaxing and softening the ligaments, regulating the hormones and reducing stress. Did you know Acupuncture may help start labour? It can encourage and progress labour, once the due date is reached. Once overdue, Ilana will work out a frequency of treatment to support spontaneous labour.

What does the Acupuncture plan consist of?

Everyone is different, but most women feel an improvement in their symptoms after the first session. Up to six sessions may be required, depending on the particular problem presented. Treatments are usually scheduled weekly depending on your presentation.