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Indoor Plants For Qi & Energy

My darling friend is a big fan of indoor plants, her house is full of clambering ivy and propagated succulents. Did you know that by having indoor plants in your home or office, air can be recycled and cleaned?

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I always encourage my Acupuncture patients to explore some of the vast and fabulous parks that Melbourne has to offer.

Getting out into green parks and nature is so good for you, and if you are too busy to get out… then bring the plants to you!

Your local nursery, (try Bulleen Art Garden or Ceres for inner North Melbourne) have a range of indoor plants or you can propagate your own. Take a fresh, green cutting of ivy, geranium or a succulent and place it in a glass of water. Change the water daily and eventually you will notice roots emerge. Then it is ready to place in a pot with soil.

Benefits of indoor plants include improving immunity, plants can increase humidity in the air so that pathogens are less likely to survive. Bringing an indoor plant to a loved one who is ill or hospitalised can speed up recovery.  Green is a calming colour for the liver energy in Chinese medicine and would you believe that having plants around you at work can increase your productivity?!

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