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About Us

Meet Dr Ilana Sowter

Ilana Sowter is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist) and Results Coach. She has also lectured, is a sought after speaker, educating women about the essence of women's vitality. Ilana is a triple-degree graduate to Masters level from Melbourne Uni, ACNM & RMIT.

Our Experience

Ilana is a fully qualified practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She is registered with AHPRA and the Australian CRMB, and is a member of ATMS. She holds a Masters degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Bachelors degrees in both Science and Acupuncture.

Boasting over 12 years experience with AcupunctureChinese Herbs and CoachingIlana has special interests in women’s health, mental health, fertility support and pregnancy, and offers additional services in musculoskeletal pain and management, anxiety and depression, and relationship guidance.

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Why Acupuncture?

Ilana has first-hand experience in realising the benefits of acupuncture after overcoming a chronic chest infection and rash through the use of alternative medicine.

From here she developed a keen interest in Chinese Medicine Theory and dedicated her life to providing others with a safe and natural way to manage pain and illness.

Why life coaching?

With more than 12 years of practical experience, Ilana found that Acupuncture and Chinese herbs were not always enough to treat her patients effectively. 

By learning more about her patients’ daily lives and the way they approached critical thinking, Ilana was able to interpret and address the underlying issues and assist her patients to fully transform their lives.

Once a person’s thinking patterns have transformed to become more open, health problems often resolve on their own. This is where coaching is key; if the true cause of the disease is not treated then the disease can not be cured.