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Chinese Medicine for Holistic Health

"When you treat your body with love & respect, she'll love and respect you back" ~ Alexis Meads


Acupuncture is used to promote healing in the body by increasing blood flow and circulation to enhance your wellbeing.

Chinese herbs are a naturally derived medicine that work in conjunction with your acupuncture treatment to reduce pain and treat illnesses.

Holistic Health Coaching

By identifying your limitations and priorities, life coaching assists you to understand your inner most desires and create a life that you love.

About us

At Femme Vital we aim to provide you with a holistic, inspiring journey for you on your path to happiness and wellbeing. We recognise that understanding your body and making change is not always easy, so our treatments are designed to support you and provide long lasting results.

We know that everyone is different and we take the time to understand your needs. Using the holistic triad of acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine and coaching, we can comprehensively address all matters affecting your health holistically. 

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