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Our Proven techniques

At Femme Vital Acupuncture Melbourne, we aim to support you through a holistic and inspiring wellness journey. Finding better health and understanding your body is not always easy. Here at Femme Vital we use traditional and research-proven methods to allow you lasting results. Your mind leads your body and that is how Coaching helps you. Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture have been used anecdotally for thousands of years. You can feel assured knowing that the an experienced practitioner is treating you as an individual and safely.

A little bit about our founder

Founder of Femme Vital, Ilana Sowter is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and is passionate about your health as a woman. With over ten years experience, she has cultivated and created programs and protocols to get where you want to be as a woman.


What We Do


Are you wanting a better life but can’t break your negative habits? It lies in your conditioning and coaching provides the mindset breakthrough for you to create the life you desire.


A key pillar of Chinese Medicine used for over thousands of years to balance the yin and yang in your body to help you feel more relaxed and improve your wellbeing.

Chinese medicines

Here at Femme Vital we prescribe the highest quality Herbal Medicine from Taiwan, strictly tested and hospital grade that is even safe for children, fertility and pregnancy

At Femme Vital we specialize in the following Areas for women’s Health

You can receive the very best Chinese Medicine care available. Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine have traditionally been used for various health conditions, signs & symptoms including

  • Women’s Health & Gynaecological Imbalances

  • Emotions: from Anxiety to Depression

  • Relationship, Sex Issues & Libido problems

  • Fertility Support – Female & Male Factor, IVF Support

  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum


  • Menopause

  • Acne & Cosmetic

  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

  • Immunity & Gut Health

  • General Health Issues




    What our customers say

    I absolutely loved working with Ilana. Her knowledge and wisdom means she is fully dedicated to healing her patients. I really felt like she cared and went above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in advancing their health

    Caitlin Abbot

    Ilana is bright, pragmatic, and extremely passionate about what she does. Highly recommended to anyone who is after an expert health practitioner, who provides caring, thorough and authentic treatment. Thank you for helping me sleep better and improving my quality of life xo

    Lydia Lee

    Ilana is a friendly and knowledgeable acupuncturist. She was very supportive and coached me through several issues I was having in a professional, yet nurturing way. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Excellent experience.

    nikoletta stamatatos

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    Asses your needs

    Every person and every presentation is different, that is why we believe at Femme Vital that we provide one of the most holistic treatments available in Melbourne.


    Treat your needs

    Using the holistic triad of Coaching, Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture your individual constitution, current situation and symptoms are met with an individual prescription and advice plan.

    Femme Vital

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